Exercise Settings


When you click on “Next Step” on the Editing Exercises page, the Exercise Settings screen is displayed. Here you can select whether you wish to have an image or the item label to appear at the top of the screen. You can also select how many choices you wish to have displayed from 1 to 6. The greater the number of choices the more difficult the selection becomes. If you are helping someone who is having a difficult time recognizing the items in the library, then start with fewer choices. You can select any combination of the image, the written label, and/or the audio label (recorded name of the item) to be displayed at the bottom of the exercise screen. An audio reinforcement can also be added. Sliding the “Reinforcement” button to green will play a musical feedback for correct and incorrect answers. You can add a personal touch by recording your own voice saying something like “Great job Danny” and “Try it again, you can do it.”
For help when selecting “Next Step” on this screen (the Details screen), click here.